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Experience Trail & the Journey Map

Experience Trail & the Journey Map

A trail is a mark or a series of signs or objects left behind by the passage of someone or something. It is also referred to as a track or scent used in following someone (or hunting an animal). Blazes are used as marks along the trail.

Experience Trail

Customers go through a journey during which they engage with the brand and have experiences. We think of these journeys as Experience Trails. And as customers go through their experiences along the journey they interact with various touch-points along the way. Each interaction is unique in terms of the events preceding it, the emotion(s) it generates, the effort it takes, and the events following it. To add to it each customer has a unique persona and a set of expectations from the brand. The experiences a customer has at every touch-point is shaped by all these factors. The aggregate of experiences at each touch-point along the journey is what is commonly known as the overall customer experience (CX).

We define ‘Experience Trail’ as a trail in which the ‘series of signs or objects left behind’ are the accounts of experiences that the customers document following their interaction with the touch-points.

How Does it Translate to the Customer Journey Map

For each touch-point along the Experience Trail, we help the brands capture the following information from their customers (using Speedrate):

– where is the customer coming from (the path or trail taken to reach here)
– what is the customer doing at this touch-point (clues to solve a pain-point)
– how is the customer feeling
– how much effort is the customer putting in
– what did the customer do after the interaction
– what ideas, if any, does the customer have to improve the interaction
– how likely is the customer to recommend the brand following this interaction

Now imagine 10’s or 100’s or in some cases 1000’s of customers sharing the above information with the brand. We then help the brands collate the above information from all it’s customers to generate the Customer Journey Map in almost real time. We also encourage Speedrate customers to provide their persona details (while being sensitive of their privacy concerns) so that brands can use it to better understand their target customers and their needs.

So in a nutshell, the Experience Trail is our blueprint for building out detailed Customer Journey Maps and generating journey analytics for the brand.

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