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Democratizing Customer Data

Businesses are getting better at collecting (customer) data but struggle to share it across departmental silos.

Simplify Listening & Mapping

Do customer journey mapping activities really have to be carried our separately from customer listening (VoC)?

The ROI of CX Initiatives

Quantifying the return on investment for CX improvement projects is difficult but not impossible.

Customer Obsession

It is about creating an enduring competitive advantage by putting your customers at the center of every business decision.

Personalized CX? Now think Context

Personalized experiences have become the norm. Now your customers expect you to deliver contextualized experiences.

Loyal vs Trapped Customers

Are some of your loyal customers actually trapped? If so, they could be skewing your CX and financial metrics.

Role of CX in Business Model/ Innovation

The building blocks that go into designing a business model can ultimately shape the customer experiences you deliver.

Business ‘jobs to be done’? Try hiring CX

CX departments can offer skills to translate the business goals into SMART experience goals for the brand.

Trust & CX

Do you trust the brand to deliver the products & services it promises to deliver? And feel trusted while interacting with it?